5 Things To Do in Fort Walton/Destin, FL

*Check out my GoPro video of my latest vacation here: Ft Walton 2018 We've vacationed here for as long as I can remember. The beaches are soft and white and the waters are typically clear and blue (unless you happen to catch it after a strong storm). Here's some of the best places to go, … Continue reading 5 Things To Do in Fort Walton/Destin, FL

Cheers, Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee - the valley in the middle of the mountains. There are TONS of activities to do in & around Chattanooga. The 3+ years I lived (and have visited) my college hometown gives me the opportunity to promote these unique places to eat and things to do! Places to Eat (because food is my … Continue reading Cheers, Chattanooga

Travel Cheap!

Hey y'all! The world is a beautiful place. We shouldn't spend our entire lives stuck in one corner of the earth because of fear, comfort, or money. This post will give you some tips & tricks I've learned for cheap travel & some necessities along the way! First off, flights. Airplane tickets can become extremely … Continue reading Travel Cheap!