5 Things To Do in Fort Walton/Destin, FL

*Check out my GoPro video of my latest vacation here: Ft Walton 2018

We’ve vacationed here for as long as I can remember. The beaches are soft and white and the waters are typically clear and blue (unless you happen to catch it after a strong storm). Here’s some of the best places to go, activities to do, and places to eat.

1. Pier Walk

If you love long walks on the beach, you’ll love this one. We typically stay in Fort Walton instead of Destin due to less crowds, so this pier is in Fort Walton. I usually drag someone with me and walk down the beach to the pier, then pay $2/person to walk out on it. Most people are fishing, so it might be a good idea to go around dinner time to increase your likelihood of hearing awesome fishing stories from the fishermen along the pier or catch some dolphins feeding. There are restrooms at the end in case you get the urge to go. Also, if you’re afraid of heights, maybe sit this one out. The middle column of the pier is concrete but both sides are lined with sturdy (but see-through) grates.

pier walk blogpierblogwalk pier blog

2. The Boardwalk: Floyd’s Shrimp House, Al’s Beach Club & Burger Bar, The Crab Trap, and more!

The Boardwalk is a cluster of restaurants with beach views right beside the pier & Gulfarium. The atmosphere is so much fun and most nights the outer region, where Al’s is located, has live music. Floyd’s is one of my favorite pit-stops for seafood in Fort Walton. The Crab Trap is good too, but can get pricey. Al’s is all it says, burgers & drinks – they also have some worthwhile house-made shakes in few selection.
Click here to visit the website


3. Gilligan’s Seafood Restaurant

A must-visit. They have waterfront dining, happy hour from 12-5p, and probably the best all you can eat fried fish and/or shrimp. They also rent out watersports equipment if you’re looking for a pontoon (which you will after seeing #5) or jet skis. It’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall place, so be on the lookout or have the address in your phone.
Click here to visit the website.

gil view bloggilligans bloggirls blog

4. Harborwalk Village

This place is really exciting throughout the day and evening hours. There are many restaurants and bars like AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar (website here), Margaritaville (website here), and more; not to mention the multiple food trucks along the Harborwalk. Alongside the food trucks are carnival-like activities for the kiddos (or you) like hoops, giant inflatable water walking balls, ziplines, and a rock wall. You can also sit outside of AJ’s along with Harborwalk & catch the game on the giant TV or go upstairs to AJ’s patio for the live music and great views of the harbor. If you go around dinner time, you’ll see the deep sea fishing boats pulling in and hanging up their trophies from the day.


5. Crab Island

Last, but not least. This is by far my favorite activity I have ever done in the Fort Walton/Destin area. I would HIGHLY recommend it! If you’ve ever crossed the bridge between Fort Walton and Destin, you’ve seen the crystal clear blue waters with the bouncy play area, floating restaurants, and tons of boats. To get there, you have to travel by sea, whether that be pontoon, jet ski, or kayak. And no, my little eye spied no crabs for the 4 hours we were there. We rented our pontoon boat from Aloha in Destin (also HIGHLY recommend – the boat was very well kept, newer, filled with gas to get us there and back, and no hidden fees).
For Aloha’s website click here

crab island blogcrab island me blogcrabisland blog


Check out my GoPro video of my latest vacation here: Ft Walton 2018

Enjoy the sunshine & beach vibes! Take a crack at these places if you’re ever in the area of Fort Walton and/or Destin, Florida!


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