Plexus Slim® Review

Plexus is an online supplement organization that is sold primarily through word of mouth. They sell everything from weight management to personal care items.


The Plexus Slim® is considered one of their weight management tools. This powder comes in a single serving packet that you mix with 12-20oz of water.  You may hear it referred to as “the pink drink” because the powder turns the water pink. According to the Plexus website, Slim is advertised to improve gut health and promote weight loss. They go into more detail writing that Slim feeds your gut beneficial prebiotics, supports a healthy glucose metabolism, and promotes weight loss.

How To

The instructions read to pour a single serving packet into 12-20 ounces of water. Then, shake until dissolved and drink half an hour to an hour before a meal. From what I’ve read, it is generally recommended to take only 1 serving per day; however, the instructions on the website state 1-2 times per day is fine.

Taste & Smell

After I poured in the packet and dissolved the powder, I opened the top. It smelled delicious, and I could definitely smell watermelon. It did not smell at all like chemicals or that powdery smell you get from some other powder drink mixtures. The taste is advertised to be a mixture of raspberry, lemon, and watermelon. I could definitely taste all three of those, but the watermelon overpowered the other two. At first, Slim gave me a weird aftertaste; although, this could be because I brushed my teeth about 45 minutes prior to drinking it. Or maybe all the gunk in my throat from my sinus drainage, yum! But as I was reaching the end of the drink, I did not get as much of that aftertaste.

Cool Facts

The Plexus website writes that Slim increases Lactobacillus by 365 times. This is a good bacteria. Lactobacillus can be found in your gut and, essentially, helps prevent you from getting sick.

Bifidobacterium is also a good bacteria that Plexus claims increases by 290 times. This bacteria is found in your GI tract. It basically repopulates other good bacteria that have been flushed from your body through means of diarrhea, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.

One serving is only calories.

Slim is gluten-free.

Slim is 100% vegetarian.


You can buy 30 packets of Slim for $87.95. That’s a little less than $3 a packet. You can buy 10 Crystal Light packets from Wal-Mart for $2.48, about 25¢ per packet. Although, Crystal Light really has no benefits to your health like Slim does- keep that in mind.

Final Review

I only took 1 serving (it was sent to me by a friend, Anna Gaddy). It tasted & smelled great! I took it in the morning when I’m most tired and noted no difference in my fatigue level. Important to note: this should not be a meal replacement drink!!! My research showed this is simply supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Drinking this alone will not make you drop 20 pounds. However, if you want to improve your gut health, I would probably recommend this product.

If you’d like to purchase some or look at all the products, here’s a link that Anna shared with me:

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