Cheers, Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee – the valley in the middle of the mountains.

There are TONS of activities to do in & around Chattanooga. The 3+ years I lived (and have visited) my college hometown gives me the opportunity to promote these unique places to eat and things to do!

Places to Eat (because food is my fave):

  1. River Street Deli.
    • One of my favorite places in Chatt. This extremely unique New York style deli is a MUST! My absolute favorite sandwich is the Elana Ruz, made with grilled honey cured turkey with cream cheese and strawberry preserves. Don’t judge a book by its cover…this sandwich sounds gross, but it’s DELICIOUS!!! Located in Coolidge Park.70.jpg
  2. Julie Darling Donuts.
    • Breakfast calls for just about any donut you can imagine…plus some ice cream on the side? Yes! Home of the overwhelmingly huge Donut Sundae, I introduce Julie Darling Donuts.
  3. Urban Stack.
    • This is a burger joint. The buns are baked locally by an amazing bakery called Niedlov. My all-time favorite stack is the Good Day, Sunshine- a burger patty with bacon, fried egg, white cheddar cheese, white vinegar mayo, lettuce and tomato. However, I decided to switch it up this past time & ordered the Strauss Burger- ground turkey, lettuce, avocado, bacon, tomato, fried egg and blue cheese spread. I LOVE me some turkey burgers, but I wasn’t entirely crazy about this one.
    • **Sidenote: fries are sold separately, so go with a friend & share a side of fries because they give enough for two!IMG_4010

Things To Do:

  1. Farmer’s Market at Tennessee Pavilion.
    • Yes. Just yes. My new absolute favorite thing probably on Earth. There are BILLIONS of stands including: build your own bouquet, hand-made jewelry, home-grown fruits & vegetables, art, beer, and food! I got my new beloved necklace ( which is 14k Gold, so I can wear it ALL the time with no rust! Additionally, this mouth-watering vegan nut cheese (…once again…don’t judge a book by its cover, it sounds disguisting, but it’s AMAZING!
  2. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset on the Mountain.
    • Drive to Snooper’s Rock & hike a short distance (less than 0.25 miles) to watch the sunrise over the beautiful mountains & shine onto the river below. In the first picture, the clouds were hovering over the river & we were literally above the clouds watching the sunrise…AWESOME experience!!! At the end of the day, drive up Lookout Mountain to Sunset Rock & watch the sun dip below the mountains in the distance.

  3. Walk.
    • Yep, you read that right. Walk. There are so many activities to do around downtown. You can walk around the Aquarium (which is another great experience! I loved it. There are two sections…river & ocean life. You can pick one or both), the Walking Bridge, Coolidge Park, anywhere! Every day it seems like they have different tents set up, different events going on, and a multitude of different people to get to know! You’ll discover so many cool aspects of Chattanooga by simply walking around & enjoying the scenery!


Thanks for checking in, y’all! Make plans to see the Scenic City ASAP & enjoy the last bit of summer that remains!




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