Travel Cheap!

Hey y’all!

The world is a beautiful place. We shouldn’t spend our entire lives stuck in one corner of the earth because of fear, comfort, or money. This post will give you some tips & tricks I’ve learned for cheap travel & some necessities along the way!

First off, flights. Airplane tickets can become extremely expensive! There four airlines are small, dependable, and CHEAP:

  • Allegiant Air
  • JetBlue
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines

The drawback is these airlines have limited take-off sites, destinations, and flight schedules. There are still awesome places they fly, though, like Las Vegas, Florida beaches, and even some Caribbean & Mexican beaches! I’ve also found that searching flights through “Google Flights” is by far the easiest & probably cheapest way to get your flights. Google Flights compares all airlines & you can even click on the calendar to find the best days to fly for the lowest price!

The flight I just booked is 6-7 weeks ahead of time, and it was the lowest price between then & now.

Searching your flights through incognito mode on your browser doesn’t hurt either. Before I started using incognito mode, flights I just checked increased by $80 the next time I checked!!! If you’re using Google Chrome, simply hit Ctrl+Shift+N simultaneously. For Internet Explorer, Ctrl+Shift+P. With this mode on, airline websites cannot track your history & increase the prices of tickets/destinations you’re constantly looking at.

My favorite travel buddy is my North FaceĀ Borealis Backpack! I love the color & there’s SO much room! I found it on eBay for cheaper than retail here:

North Face Backpack

Traveling can cause MAJOR drowsiness, which is no fun when you’re trying to adventure & can only think about sleep. My prized pick-me-up is the Advocare Spark. It mixes with water, similar to Crystal Light packs, lasts FOREVER (it took me over a year to use my last canister) and gives me a noticeable amount of energy & focus. Because I’m cheap, I also bought this from eBay in the Watermelon flavor:

Advocare Spark Energy

Finally, small but mighty, this charger is a MUST-HAVE! It’s portable, the size of a lipstick tube, and USB adaptable to just about any phone! I found it on Amazon for only $15:

Compact Portable Charger

Thanks for reading, guys! Get past your fears and just BOOK. THOSE. FLIGHTS! You won’t regret it!!!



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