Life Lessons Disguised in Pain

We go through difficult situations in life; and sometimes difficult doesn’t even begin to describe the half of it. We lose a job, a family member, a friend, a relationship, SO many things can happen.

It’s okay to get frustrated. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to scream. It’s even okay to think for a split second that this pain will never end.

I struggle to keep my mind in the right place, too. I wrestle with depressive thoughts, self-hate, indecisiveness, fear, and “what ifs” every day. And so do other people, even if they put on a face for the crowd showing they couldn’t be happier. Please remember, we were not made to have it together all the time.

I know you’ve heard the cliché “it takes time to heal,” we all have. But really honestly, it does. And it probably won’t be fine by tomorrow. Probably not even next week or next month. What I’ve learned is that God’s purpose for pain like that is not meant to be learned in a day, week, or month. Sometimes it’s a lesson that lasts years, and that is okay!!!

The other day I actually saw a psychological fact that stated “You can ‘rewire’ your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days.” Getting started you might be like “Hailey, I have nothing to be grateful for.” But you do. So here’s a list to get you started…

  1. You are breathing.
  2. With the million and trillions of reasons and ways for your body to physiologically NOT work, it is. From chromosomes and cells in your body not lining up right or playing their role correctly, to random bacteria that could invade your body & cause malformations or deadly diseases– your body won…you’re healthy.
  3.  You were born in a free country where you can believe what you want, be who you want, and do just about anything.
  4. You have people around you, whether it’s family or friends, who support you & helped you get to where you are today.
  5. You are loved unconditionally by a God who created everything you see. He loves you & is for you even if you choose to ignore Him….how awesome is that!?

Let’s try to wake up every morning and while getting ready, driving to work, or fixing our breakfast, cite out loud 3 things we are grateful for- anything, even if it’s getting out of bed! And who says we have to stop at 21 days?

Remember that everyone goes through pain, but not everyone goes through pain the same way. It’s a journey. It’s a lesson. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are capable. Don’t give up.

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