You, yes YOU, Stop Stressing

There’s one thing, or maybe more, that you’re worrying and stressing about. What just popped into your mind?  Your job? A friendship? A relationship? Financial problems? Rejection? Failure? Just the future in general?

Worrying about whatever is bothering you will not solve the problem. It actually does nothing to help you in any way. Worrying about it every second of the day is only stressing you out more. And there is so much more to life than stressing about things you cannot control. Or even things you can control!

We have a Father who loves us beyond anything we could ever fathom. He won’t leave you out to dry (Deuteronomy 31:6 NLT), even when it seems that way. Even though you feel like your prayers aren’t getting answered the way you want them to. Trust me when I say that I can PERSONALLY tell you that God’s plan is 1000x better than any plan you can even imagine for your life, even if all you see is doom and tragedy. Even if you feel like you never get a break, things always just keep happening, and there’s no relief. You’re getting stronger. Even though you feel weak as can be or helpless. You can’t give up right now. The best changes in life come through pain.

Think about something you have right now that makes you happy- a “blessing” if you will. Think about how much joy it brings you. Maybe it’s a relationship of some kind, maybe it’s a new pet, maybe it’s a newborn, maybe it’s a new job. Now I need you to REALLY think back, think about before you got that thing, that “blessing.” And be truthful with yourself…how did you feel? Maybe you were upset because of a loss of some type BEFORE that blessing arrived; whether through a relationship, job, failure or whatever…you felt empty. Maybe you felt like that pain of that experience would never end because it seemed to drag out for so long. Then came your blessing. The blessing was probably better than what you imagined, better than what you wanted before? That is God. Even when we don’t trust Him and all we can think about is the pain, He comes through with something bigger and better than what we lost.

So trust Him now. He’s already shown you how faithful of a friend and Father He is. What else would you do? Because you can either trust Him and do everything in your power to fight for happiness, or you can worry and stress yourself out with trying to figure out how to solve the problems you were thinking of at the top of this post all by yourself. Either way, don’t get me wrong…it’s going to be hard and tough and it will suck, a lot. There’s no dodging that. But wisely choose how to wait for your next blessing. You won’t be disappointed at the end of it all when it arrives.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Ephesians 3:20 NLT

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