Decisions decisions

There are so many contradictions out there when it comes to making a decision. And I don’t know, call me dumb, but sometimes I scan through Pinterest for some inspiring quotes to tell me what to do.

There’s the “good things come to those who wait,” and then there’s also “action is the foundational key to all success.”

“Birds of a feather flock together” and “opposites attract.”

“Let it go, if it’s meant to be it will come back to you” and “If you really want something, you can figure out how to make it happen.”

“Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you” and “treat others as you wish to be treated.”

How do you pick which one to follow?!

Listen, we’re faced with millions of choices every day. Like tonight, I had already eaten dinner and a few hours later went to Wendy’s with my roommate who wanted to get a frosty and I had the choice of getting nothing…but I got a cheeseburger instead. Our choices add up (that choice will probably add up around my thighs). They create the person we become, the person we are today. Every choice has led you to this point right here, reading this very post. So here’s what I have to say about making choices:

Most of us reading this are considered adults. I mean for heavens sake, I’m 21 years old. The choices I make are affecting MY life more than anybody else’s. Just as the choices YOU make are affecting mainly YOUR life and YOUR future. Now we have to keep in consideration the happiness of others to an extent, but WE have to make OUR OWN choices which affects our OWN HAPPINESS. Ultimately, it’s not anybody else’s decision. If you aren’t happy with what you’re doing, then change it. Move to a different town. Quit your job and find another one you like better. Transfer to a different college. Make other friends. Move away from your family. Move closer to your family. Start reading your Bible. Watch shows that aren’t depressing and make you wish you had a love life that isn’t actually real. Stop being friends with someone who doesn’t treat you right. Talk to that person that’s been on your mind lately. MAKE. DECISIONS. THAT. MAKE. YOU. HAPPY. We have all the power to. It’s not anybody else’s business to know why you make the decisions you do if it does not directly affect them. You owe yourself at least to be happy.


Be kind. Love people. Open your eyes. Breathe. Take care of yourself.

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