Letting Go

You’ll never get what you truly deserve if you remain attached to what you’re supposed to let go of.

I’m in the process of letting go of what’s not meant for me to make room for what is meant for me. And let me tell you, it’s harder than it sounds.

There’s so many opportunities out there and we shouldn’t pigeon-hole ourselves into one direction because we don’t know the future and God has a funny way of taking away what we thought we WANTED and giving us something even better and something we actually NEED. So part of it is letting go of ideas I had set before regarding school and career. Not that I’m abandoning them altogether, but I’m opening myself up to other possibilities and learning to be okay with not knowing.

I’m also letting go of the idea of perfection, and with it is coming something even better that I’m growing on. So there’s always going to be someone better, faster, smarter, skinnier, prettier, taller, and whatever else. But the thing is that it’s okay because I don’t have to be all those things- I don’t have to try to be perfect even though I want to be so bad. I am me and I have no apologies for that. I’m growing every day & realizing that God has a job for ME and ONLY me, something specifically set up that requires all of my abilities and  even my weaknesses or “imperfections.” I’m beautifully and wonderfully made, no matter how much my body changes over the course of years. The soul is the most precious and beautiful thing, nurture and care for it.

Saving the best for last is letting go of people from the past. Memories are my worst enemy. Like that quote goes “we always remember the past better than it was;” which might be a good thing that I’m remembering a bunch of good memories instead of bad ones now that I think about it. But the hardest thing is trying to remember that the people in those memories are not the same people I see in the present day. Yes, they might be the most beautiful people inside and out, and they all are, but they weren’t meant to stay in my life forever. I need to stop forcing that. I need to stop trying to hold on to people who are meant to walk out and leave the door open for other people to walk in. Because other people will walk in! And they’ll be exactly who I need for that period in my life, or maybe even for the rest of my life. But if I keep holding onto that person who is meant to walk out of the door leading to new people, then those new people will never come into my life.

Change is hard, but necessary. Letting go is even harder because we have no idea what’s coming next and we have this fear that it won’t be better than what we had before…but guess what, it will be!! Faith. I know my God is guiding my footsteps towards a better future, even though I cannot fully see the path ahead. Faith.

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